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Comic-Con Madness

Posted in Gaming, Movies, My Life with tags , , , , on August 1, 2009 by That-One-Person

I know I should’ve been blogging sooner, but I haven’t felt well these last three days.  Just down in the dumps and stuff, nothing major.  I think it’s mainly a depression from being back in this god forsaken state.

Being in California was one of the best weeks of my life, with the exception of being with a few certain people.  Not that kind of with, sicko.

I’ll start with the flight, which caused me to realize that I was a fool for ever flying anything but Delta.  It felt smoother than any transportation I’ve ever been on, whether a car, other plane, trolley, or hot air balloon.  It was so relaxing, comfortable, and entertaining.  Every seat had a touch screen television in front of it on the back of the other seat, where one could play games, watch live television, watch movies, or track the plane by GPS, all for free.

The moment I got off the plane, I began to immediately melt.  After just the first day though, I had become so used to the heat that I… actually.. started.. to not mind it.  Did you gasp?  You should have.

Walking around San Diego that first day while we waited for Preview Night to start was amazing.  People there are just so much more kind than anybody in any state or country I’ve ever been to.  I don’t just mean people who were employed at places, I mean everybody.  Complete strangers would comment on the weather, ask us how we were, even try to slow down traffic so we could cross the road.  Hell, even the homeless people were awfully kind and always seemed to smile.

Preview night was completely unbelievable.  Perhaps the best night of Comic-Con because it was only for people who had the week long passes, which were limited, and not for people with just one to three day tickets.  Not only did I get to play unreleased games that day, but you really got to talk to the developers and people at the booths since the crowds weren’t as dense.

Transportation was unbelievably simple.  A week pass which only ran like $15 gets you unlimited trips and access to the entire transit system, the trolley, the buses, and the train.  Our hotel was just a short walk from the trolley station, and I was worried at first walking back at night but it turned out that I had no reason to be fearful.  At night it didn’t seem like the city got scarier, you didn’t see any gangs or anything, and everyone was still just as kind as before.

The rest of Comic-Con was complete insanity. I got to see David Tennant, who plays The Doctor, John Barrowman, who plays Captain Jack of Torchwood, the cast of Lost, Dexter, Psych, Big Bang Theory, John Lithgow and the girl from the Alien films.  There was just a ridiculous amount of famous people scattered all over the Con, I even actually got to talk to the original Chewbacca.  However, he started selling his autograph for $30 a pop on your own stuff, and $50 if it was on his picture of him.  Pretty expensive for someone who doesn’t really matter.

Let’s see, I got to play a slew of unreleased video games.  I got to fool around on Aion (although I’m beta testing that at home anyways), DC Universe, Singularity, a whole mess of shitty EA games that felt as unfinished then as they probably will when they release.  Most importantly though, I got to spend a good thirty minutes of Katamari Forever, which is perhaps my most anticipated release of the year.  I cannot wait at all, it was absolutely gorgeous and full of madness.

Got a ton of free stuff, and a ton of stuff I actually payed for.  Got a Doctor Who t-shirt, a replica Sonic Screwdriver, “psychic paper”, a bunch of Doctor Who original comics, including issue one!  Basically everything I bought either had to do with Doctor Who or Disgaea, minus the satisfying of my stomach of course.

My favorite picture from the entire trip is the one I got of a real live artificial Dalek:



Don’t worry, I thwarted it with my Doctor Who gear before it could wipe out the human race.  Yes, I’m a geek.

Final day, we went to the beach, which was pretty nice for a beach.  It was much prettier than the beaches of the Bahamas, the east coast of the U.S., and almost every other beach I’ve ever been to.  The only one it didn’t compare to was the beaches of Sanibel Island.

At the airport before our flight back, I ran into the most peculiar person.  It’s upsetting that my camera was in my suitcase, because I ran into a black clone of me.  I am absolutely dead serious, we both had a hate on, gold aviators, a red flash t-shirt, same color shorts, the same very weird and rare styled belt.  Everything. This only further proves my theory that there is no unique thought left to think, and no people to be born that haven’t had someone like them born elsewhere or in another time.  Well, maybe one person is truly unique.  Anyways, all in all it was a fantastic trip.  I hope to return one day, when we can.

-That One Person



Posted in Movies, My Life on March 7, 2009 by That-One-Person

You know how it is when you read about movies.  The post below has spoilers so don’t read it if blah, blah, blah…

Today I saw the most incredible movie I have ever watched.

Usually movies (and everything else in the world) don’t live up to their hype.  Watchmen is an exception.  This movie is everything you could possibly want in a ‘super-hero’ movie.  It has drama, action, science-fiction, sex scenes, and a naked blue super god.  Oh wait, what’s that?  You didn’t want a naked blue super god?  Yeah, me either.


One of the main characters, Dr. Manhattan, was nude throughout at least half of this film.

I know it adds somewhat of a realism to the film, as opposed to giving him barbie parts, but why not just keep his clothes on?  During most of the scenes where he is not completely nude he sometimes has this plain black underwear on, so why remove it?  They made it seem like he was going to remain clothed during the first half of the film and then just removed all his clothes the second half.  Oh well, it didn’t bother me that badly because the over all epicness of the film shadowed over it.  Just don’t take your child to see it, it is rated R for a real reason.

The story of the film was intense, like nothing I have ever seen in a ‘super-hero’ movie before.  The heroes in Watchmen are a lot more human, besides the blue schlong guy, than any I’ve seen before.  You can tell they aren’t really super heroes, just actual people who want to try to help society.  They experience normal human emotions such as pain and love that you can really feel when watching it unlike most of the other cookie cutter super heroes.  Other heroes are often made so cardboard, child friendly, and bland that it is too hard to relate to them in my opinion.

Amazing character development and a plot that really pulls you in are two of this movies strongest spots.  You get to know just the right amount of every character without feeling like they focused too much on one person and not enough on another.  A lot of movies go through a lot of the character development and backstory before the plot really begins, this movie however pulls off giving you bit by bit of each heroes past all throughout the story.

This movie will be probably 2009’s “Dark Knight”, even though I feel that it is far far superior.  I can’t even explain it anymore because I worry that I may taint the awesome nature of the film.

I am going to go out and buy the graphic novel it is based on right now.

-That One Person