Time Suck

I haven’t really been able to blog as much as I’d like to lately, because another dreaded semester of college has just begun.  Perhaps though, if I can manage to get more organized, I’ll be able to free up some more of my time to keep up with this.

Recently, I have begun trying to manage my time better using Google Calender, Thunderbirds Calender, and my iPhone, to all remind me at once that I should be doing something for school.  Luckily for me, all of these sync seamlessly with a few minor add-ons.  What really surprises me though, is how few people actually use Thunderbird for their desktop mail and/or calender client.  Being able to sync with Google Calender, support a wide range of add-ons, and sport an interface that is far more efficient and easier on the eyes than Outlook.  Oh well, that is your loss and not mine if you don’t use it.

College so far this semester has been a hectic Hell.  Between the school losing my entire schedule, requiring me to pick all new classes two days before classes start, and one of my professors having no idea what he is doing, it sure is going to be fun.  Yeah, I go to class the first day and apparently wasn’t registered in any of the classes I previously was.  I had to switch to a whole new schedule, taking whatever classes weren’t full yet, and starting into them a week late.

Seriously though, a professor of mine basically copied the entire course from another persons, not even bothering to change the name on anything to his.  All through out the resources, class info, and power points say another professors name, and listing her rule of “Do not ever use Dreamweaver for coding in this course, use TextPad.”  So, after not installing my copy of Dreamweaver because of that rule being posted all over, I was surprised to go into his class and him ask everyone to open up Dreamweaver.  Did he even read any of the course material?  It’s also quite hilarious to see him go to code something and say “Now this will do that.. wait.. wait.. I was wrong again.”  Although I’d much prefer to go to college to learn something from someone who already knows how to do what they are teaching.

This semester is sure to drive me insane. How about you, how is your school going so far?

-That One Person


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