Sprint – The Game Changer?

I never thought I’d see the day where Sprint begins really changing the entire mobile industry game.  In some ways this is a small step, in others this is basically one giant leap for mankind.

Nowadays, every single mobile carrier gives you free calling to other people who are on the same network, either with every single one of their plans, or plans that are at least not the smallest option available. However, Sprint is now introducing “Any Mobile”, which completely blows my freaking mind.  If you have an Everything Data Plan with Sprint, you get… unlimited calling to any mobile phone, anytime, on any network, finally the days of the minute may be numbered.

For now this is just for users who have an Everything Data Plan, which is a rapidly growing number of users. An Everything Data Plan, is unlimited text, 3G data, picture, and video messaging, starting at $69.99 a month. Some may see this as a major downside, however this really hits the largest number of users that would even find this plan useful. People who were previously heavy on data, texting, and out of network minute usage were surely paying much more than this.

Having the ability to call anyone from any network, for as long as you want, is really the game changing move here. How long until other networks compete for the same feature? After all, it didn’t take long for almost every network to get a “My Circle” type feature, which was finally just announced for AT&T as well. Once more networks compete to offer the same plan, the days of the minute will surely be almost dead.

Good job Sprint, I was wrong about you after all.

-That One Person



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