[Insert Maniacal Evil Genius Laugh Here]

It worked! It’s alive!! It’s aliiiiiiive!!!

Ahem. Anyways, it looks as if that was a complete success. My blog was pushed to several different services, the main ones being the following:
WordPress Engine

As you can see, I’ve been around on WordPress for the longest, and I am currently in the process of emulating the appearance of that blog of mine on my other ones. I think I have them pretty well down, except for a few kinks on Xanga, but that’s entirely the fault of Xanga’s half-assed customization system. There’s no reason it should take three times as long to customize on that website as it did on both the other ones put together, and then of course if I want all the same features it costs money. Blah.

So, now you can comment me on whichever page you would like and I will be notified of it immediately through email.

How does everyone think they look? Rather similar, I hope. Let me know.

-That One Person


One Response to “Success!!”

  1. I’m gonna go wiiiiith….

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