As twelve of you have pointed out to me through messages, texts, or other wise, I have not posted any blogs in a little over a week.  You bug me and say “Why have you stopped blogging?” or “When will I get to read another one of your blogs?” How about this, I write according to how many people are commenting on them.  If twelve people have asked why I haven’t been posting but only one person ever bothers to comment, how would I have known you were all actually still reading?

So, following this post I will begin blogging about last week, and my time in San Diego, only if everyone who keeps bugging me about me not blogging, will begin commenting.

Seriously people, don’t read and not comment.  You could even just comment “/read” and I’d at least know I had readers.  Plus, you don’t even have to register to comment.

Get with the program people.

-That One Person


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