Tomorrow I leave this wretched state, although sadly not forever.  I am hoping to find some temporary relief from this pain, as I fly far far away in the morning.  As most of you probably know, it is California that I am going to.  A friend and I have tickets to Comic-Con, which is where we will get to see so many famous people, crazy people, previews of books, comics, movies, and video games.  Out of all the many important things that are going to be happening during this week, the most important is that the cast from the Doctor Who series will be there, hopefully including Torchwood.

I’ll only be gone for about a week, but that’s a week away from my family, and hopefully a week away from thought.  Every bit of this state reminds me of something painful.  Not just one pain, so many pains, all over lapping.  So many people I have lost here, that there is hardly any hope left for me in Ohio.

Two people are all I really have hope left in, and that is such a slim hope.  Someday though, this won’t be for a vacation, someday I will escape this place with someone who loves me.

I really must go back to the good topic though, and take my mind off of things.  Comic-Con preview night is tomorrow, which is going to be absolutely enjoyable.

At 4:30 in the A.M. I will be boarding my flight, leaving all this behind for a while.  Then I will be picking up my preview night and week passes to Comic-Con, mmm-mmm special week privelages.  My hotel is nestled between the Ocean and Seaworld, right across from downtown San Diego.  Hopefully, just hopefully, I’ll be able to feel more.

Remember, I am returning again for you.

-That One Person

Six Hours Remain


One Response to “Preperation”

  1. I am so so jealous.
    Bring me back a Tardis! : D

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