VNV Nation Is Amazing!

Well, a week ago today, I went to the most amazing concert ever with my best friend.

Hands down, no one I’ve yet to see live ever compares with VNV Nation.  On top of their normally outstanding talent, they managed to really interact with the crowd.  Someone brought in a huge inflatable sword and Ronan told them to pass it up on stage where he stopped and posed with it,  saying “I look like a fat, balding He-Man. Take pictures people, this is the only chance you’re ever going to get.”

RonanSwordYou may also notice his insane country western shirt, which is very out of place for an Industrial concert.  He said he was in some redneck state that I can’t recall, and the store had a huge sale on them and he bought some because “..those Clevelanders are going to love my shirt, I’ll look like Johnny Cash or something.”  Seriously, he could do stand up.

The opening bands were surprisingly quite good also, well, at least one of them was.  I liked Aryia far more than War Tapes, and actually got all of her albums now.

Was a really good time, especially going to leave and having gangsters follow us outside while we waited for our ride.  Afterward, we went to IHOP, which always proves to be quite delicious.

I know what you may be thinking, for such an amazing concert, how come it took me so long to post about it? Simple.  I’ve had a ton to do all week, trying to see everyone before I go to San Diego this week.  Have had a lot of clothes shopping to do,  a lot of packing, and just been having a really hectic week.  I’ve been unusually busy for a bum.

-That One Person


2 Responses to “VNV Nation Is Amazing!”

  1. He said he was in Milwaukee when he bought those shirts at Wal-Mart. XD

    And you’re only busy for a bum because it’s frickin’ COMICON and everyone and their mother should be creaming their undies in anticipation. Or is that just me? Oh wait, I’m not going. *saaaad*

    Anyhoozles, have fun! (:

  2. That other person Says:

    Pretty sweet that the pic I took from the front row is now on google images haha. Glad you put it to good use man.

    I’ll never forget that night.

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