Nom nom nom, went to Friendlys IHOP last night at 2 A.M. with my best friend, it was great not being the only person awake that late.

What else is new though?

I’m currently beta testing like three MMOs, it’s pretty good just drifting along with no money, still playing games.  Quite awkwardly I started to test out Everquest II, which isn’t nearly as gay as the first one was.  It’s pretty good, in depth, and not nearly as nerdy as the old one.  It is also in my opinion a lot more fun than WoW, which I played for three whole years.  Something funny about Everquest II is the graphics settings, which I’ve been messing with on every game since I got my new colossal video card.  “These extremely high setting with have an EXTREME effect on your game performance, and is likely to not run well on even the highest end hardware available today. Are you sure you want to test these experimental settings?”  Well guess what, I blow those settings down at 50 fps, a whole twenty faster than the human eye can even register.

While that MMO is pretty fun, the one I am really enjoying right now is beta testing Aion, although currently the beta is only open for me every weekend.  I suppose that’s good, allows me to manage my other slacker chores, like food, movies, and other games.

Yeah, the new card and RAM are both finally installed at once.  1GB of DDR3 video RAM that has it’s own physics engine on the card itself, that coupled with my 8GB of DDR3 RAM are just letting me run pretty much anything in the world right now.

Soon, probably when I get back from ComicCon, I am going to be ordering a third monitor.  This will finally give me the multi-tasking and bad ass feeling I’ve been looking for.  It’s going to look a lot like a command center, especially since currently I can spin around in my chair to use my laptop on my other table.  Which reminds me, I also just got an incredibly huge new desk on craigslist, barely used, for $40.  I’ll take a picture sometime when I get around to it, maybe once I get my third monitor set up.

Twenty-one days from today I will be on the sunny shores of San Diego, pretty terrifying.  I’m relatively positive either my plane will crash, a shark will eat me, I’ll get stabbed by a Crip (or a Blood?), or I may even just melt to death due to the heat.  We all know how much I love the heat from when I went to Florida six months ago.

Lastly, I decided that my heart is tie dye today.

-That One Person


5 Responses to “IHOP”

  1. IHOP was amazing.
    And I still think you should take me to ComiCon with you. I’ll carry around an air conditioner to keep you cool! 😀

  2. I’m still jealous of you.

    I ate yo cake XD

  3. Bitch.
    Where the hell do you get all of this money? I want a machine like that. 😛

    • That-One-Person Says:

      It is a beast. 🙂 Soon I’ll have three monitors, and I had the money from selling an unopened copy of Adobe CS4 Web Premium on ebay, and my birthday.

  4. Ahh. Nice.

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