Quicker Typing

Today I just thought I’d share the secret to typing around 20 times quicker.  That secret is to abandon QWERTY as much as possible, and make the switch to Dvorak.

When the typewriter was first introduced then went through many layouts of the keys, and finally QWERTY was developed to make you type as slow as possible.  Typing to quick or having frequently used keys too close togethor would jam the old typewriters, so the layout you’re using right now (unless you’re amazing) was actually designed to make you type slower.

By the time this wasn’t an issue anymore, the Great Depression hit, and no one would be buying any new type writers for sometime, and the heads of manufacturing companies didn’t want to make the switch.

Lucky for us today, the way your keys are arranged is purely software, and can be changed without even an ounce of hardware modification.

On a Windows it is simply Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Keyboard and Languages, and then select English (Dvorak).

Many studies have been done and those learning on a Dvorak keyboard learned more than twice as fast, and previously experienced typists could type many many times quicker with this much improved layout.

In QWERTY all your most used keys are spread out as much as possible, but with Dvorak all of the most commonly used ones are all on the home row, where you rest your fingers.

It’s also rather simple to learn, and continue to know how to use both QWERTY and Dvorak.

Dvzine taught me everything I know about it, and has probably over the last few years saved me days of time of typing. I really recommend making the switch, even if you don’t plan on using it constantly, learning another layout is like learning another language. It helps improve your knowledge, and who wouldn’t want to do that?

Plus, they can even teach you in comic form.  I’m just here to praise it and help you see the way to saving time.  Here is an image of my keyboard, with some Dvorak stickers I found online.

Dvorak Keyboard

I know it may look like a scary and insane change, that’s what I thought at first.  I don’t regret it a bit however.  Also, Dvorak causes you to alternate between hands more frequently, which is better for speed and your hands.  You can see this by tapping on the desk with one finger repeatedly, and then doing it alternating between two.  You can actually tap back and forth a lot quicker with a lot less time between taps.

For example, this entire post before the image in QWERTY would’ve used 517 homerow keys (32%) and 945 hand alternations, but in Dvorak it is 1077 (66%) homerow key usage and 1163 hand alterations.  Before you ask, no I am not crazy and counted that all out. There is a website that analyzes things you say and gives you those statistics.

So please, save your hands, and your time. Type Dvorak today!

Edit: I also recommend using the Dvorak tool instead of changing it the classic way, lets you keep all your ctrl clicks in the same place regardless of c, v, z, and others all being moved.

-That One Person


3 Responses to “Quicker Typing”

  1. I don’t remember where, but I’ve heard of a lot of people switching to the Dvorak layout. I dunno. Maybe I’ll try it out. Typing at 120 would be a helluva lot cooler than typing at just 80. B]

  2. Frankenberry doesn’t even know what dvorak is! :O
    And he calls himself a geek…. *shakes head*

  3. Mahmoud Raouf Says:

    I’m already using Dvorak, I turn to Dvorak 2 years ago, It’s really efficient and I have a Presentation and I pick the Subject to turn to Dvorak, I just need the site that give statistical about Difference between QWERTY and Dvorak
    take care
    – Raouf

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