Time Loss, Sleep Loss

These last few days were a nightmare, truly.  The day of my last post I saw a spider in my room, and while I did jump out of my skin, I killed it and quickly removed it from my mind.  The next night however, it got worse, there were two of them in my room at once.  I killed them in the best way possible, throwing every object around me until they were crushed.  I didn’t sleep that night.  Finally, the climax of this story is that the following night there were somewhere between ten to twenty of them in my room and on my bed.  I left my house, and stayed out all night again.

The morning after I set off four bug bombs in my room, killing the fuckers, and placing a ton of “no pest strips” which should repel any more… spider invasions.  That day was Hell, without sleep in the last 48 hours I had to then wax a 46 foot boat all day in the sun, on a ladder.  I’ve never felt so dead.

But yeah, that’s where I’ve been, at war with the spider god.  Or something.

-That One Person


3 Responses to “Time Loss, Sleep Loss”

  1. “Look at your life; who do you want to be before you die?” That song is totally playing right now.
    But that doesn’t apply to you because you won’t die. O.O

    You should have used the nuke. We bought it especially for spider invasions.

  2. Stop tweekin’ and the spiders will go away.
    Heheh, anyway, miss you. I’ll call you sometime.

  3. kristin Says:

    i actually had a war with that same spider god, in my SHOWER. freaking.. huge daddy longleg.. in the shower.

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