Left Monitor Complete

A few weeks ago, or a month ago, or maybe even a few months ago (that is my sense of time) I awesome-ified my right monitor.  I got all my icons themed, and located in pretty nifty places so that they would look snazzy with my background.  Well, today I finished making my left monitor look even better than the right.

I changed my .dll file in the Windows system files to let me use custom themes, since Vista is normally ugly as sin.  It allowed me to shrink down my taskbar by about half, and get rid of that enormous start bubble Vista used, giving me a little bit more screen space.  This also shrunk down the title bar of all of my windows, which is amazing because I am all about getting every millimeter of space possible.

The only other large change here is that I have a dock, sort of like the mac one, except it doesn’t suck so bad.  One thing I hate about my macbooks dock is that all the windows maximize to still show the dock, which eats up a lot of room.  So, I have all of my icons and folders on a fully functional dock, except that my windows go over it, because my open programs still minimize to the taskbar.  Thank god.

Lastly, I moved my CPU and hard drive space monitors over to the left monitor, and put another clock over there.  Now I have my taskbar clock, the analog on the left monitor, and the large colorful one on my right monitor.  Somedays I just feel insane.

Oh well, here is a screen shot of the left one, let me know what you think.  Or else.  Also, of course, click on it to zoom in.


Yeah, I like Lost.

-That One Person


3 Responses to “Left Monitor Complete”

  1. We both know Danube likes this mucho.

  2. That-One-Person Says:

    I now fixed it so the image can be clicked on. Woops.


  3. Sammm(: Says:

    Go heeere!

    I’m at school…Blahblahblah.
    Love you buddy 😀

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