Bird Killer

I know, I know, I haven’t blogged in forever.  I guess my mind has been on too many other things, and no one usually reads these anymore anyways.

Last week, as I was driving down the road, three birds flew straight into my windshield.  This definitely killed them and just about gave me a heart attack.  It was a pretty horrifying, but I went to the car wash and got the blood and bird feathers off of my windshield.  Anyways, this one event was terrifying enough that when I see birds while driving now my heart jumps a little.  Well, yesterday I killed another one.

I swear, this is absolute madness, and I am totally not killing them on purpose.  Birds just happen to keep flying towards my car to suicide themselves.

What else is new?  Let me think.

Oh, I haven’t got more than seven hours of sleep since seven days ago when I wrote my last blog.  There not only has been too much on my mind but I also feel like I am never getting tired anymore.  One thing is for certain, all this thinking without any real sleeping is really changing me.  It’s just giving me so much more time to think and take things in, a lot more time to live.

Anyways, enough of that before I get thinking way too early into the day.  Time for some good news, my birthday is in a month, and then a month after that I will be heading to San Diego at last.  Just wish I didn’t have to come back, there isn’t really much left for me here.

Finally, the last real new thing is that I got every one of Nietzsches books I haven’t read in e-book form and am now finally reading them on my e-reader.  It’s comforting to know that others feel the same about morality as I do.  After all, Nietzsche is probably the last great philosopher, since it seems like once 1900 rolled around the world stopped really thinking and started focusing on science.  So far this is my favorite quote from the current book I am reading of his, The Birth of Tragedy: “Isn’t morality a “desire for the denial of life,” a secret instinct for destruction, a principle of decay, diminution, and slander, a beginning of the end, and thus, the greatest of all dangers?”

Wonderful isn’t it?  Even if you do not agree, you have to at least think he is a genius.

-That One Person


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