My Internet Lives Again

Finally, last night, I once again have the Internet at my house.  Be warned this is a long story that no one but me probably cares about.

These last seven days have been miserable.  I have never felt so disconnected from the world.  Of course, right after my last blog post about my Internet breaking, my iPhone broke.  Although, that one might have been my fault.

Got my new iPhone monday, for only $30 to replace it.  Not bad at all, in my opinion.  Just thirty dollars to replace the $300 model I had.

Anyways, Monday rolled around and no AT&T truck ever showed up.  So, I decided I should call them and see what the Hell was happening.  Turns out they lost our order to fix the DSL at my house, and said the soonest they could make it out would be Friday.  As this was completely not going to work for me, I told them to forget it.  Then I drove to somewhere I could use the Internet and checked some Time Warner Cable prices on their website.

They had a few Internet packages available, the quicker you wanted it to go, then the more expensive it would be per month.  As we were already paying $45 a month for 3-6 mpbs, I decided to tell my mother that the only one we could get was the $56 package for 22-30 mbps.  Yeah, I told a little lie, gonna cry about it?

At first Time Warner gave us the date of Friday as well, but I talked them into squeezing us in last night at 5:00 P.M.

Anyways, turns out the wiring that is needed was fried leading to my room.  They had to cancel the rest of their evening appointments and rerun wires from outside directly into my room.

I’ve never had my Internet run so fast before.  Speed Test is claiming I am getting 35 mbps right now and that’s even while downloading a bunch of stuff.

Oh well, there has also been a few other new things since I last could post.

The only real major thing is that I’m getting glasses to relieve the strain on my eyes from constantly reading or using the computer.  Blah.  I am really worried at how I will look with them on.  Besides that I basically just passed out on Benadryl or NyQuil every day for the past few days.  Not just because I was without the Internet, I’m not that crazy.  Just a lot on my mind and my head has been killing me.

I think my blogs are getting so long that no one even wants to read them.  If you made it this far give yourself a pat on the back.

-That One Person


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