Fracking AT&T

This last weekend when my Internet was moving below dial-up speed, I decided to do something.  Once it was fixed and back to my normal 3 mbp/s download time, I called AT&T and told them to upgrade it up to 6 mbp/s, which is the fastest they offer for residential DSL.  Also, we decided to have the house phone canceled, to help save money, get rid of our ugly DLS filters, and because no one ever uses it.

Today, after my internet completely died for six hours, I managed to get ahold of an AT&T line technician again.  They then informed me that I would be without Internet until bloody Monday.


That’s right, bad enough to bold and then italicize.  Nothing is bad enough to underline.  Only noobs underline.

Their reasoning being, is that they need to change our wires over from phone/DSL to direct link DSL.  Of course, this is something they failed to mention when we decided to cancel the home phone.  The person from the other day even confirmed to me that we would not have to be without Internet at all.

What’s even worse is that when we first wanted to upgrade the Internet speed, they said their wasn’t enough Internet to go around in my area to do that.  They seriously tried to tell me “..there isn’t enough Internet.”  So, after deciding that she was lying, I hung up and spoke to someone else.  My Internet was then indeed at 6 mbp/s until it failed again today.

Well, did I “run out of Internet” or are all of my wires magically being changed to a different kind of wire?

I don’t know what to believe from them anymore.  Every time I speak with someone else, it is a completely different story.

Things to ruin my Internet in the last week:

  • Old Modem
  • Bad Wiring
  • Area Outage
  • Out of Internet
  • Wires Being Changed
  • Aliens

Come on AT&T.  I’m going to lose my mind.

Probably won’t be blogging much till Monday then.  This iPhone Internet browsing is simply not enough.  I’ll probably hibernate until this passes.

-That One Person


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