Weekend Of Hell

Realizing that there is absolutely nothing even remotely healthy in my special food pyramid, I gave up on the diet as far as what to eat.  Instead I have just been eating one meal a day, instead of three to five.  Yeah, who knows how I haven’t died yet.  I figure I’ll just eat a whole lot less of my “explode your heart” and “clog your arteries” meals, instead of replacing it with healthier food.

This weekend, I heard about Swine Flu and how everyone is freaking out over it.  I didn’t worry at all however, until I heard that it actually isn’t spread from eating certain things like a lot of sicknesses are.  I was hoping it spread through eating pork, or whatever.  Easily avoidable.  Now I just feel like locking myself in my bunker, if only it were built already.  Figured I’d wait till the robot-apocalypse were nearer before building it, but this whole thing sounds like a great reason to never go outside again.  As if interacting with humanity wasn’t enough of a reason.

Another part of my weekend, which turned it into a few of the worst days I’ve had in almost five months, was that my Internet had gone out.  AT&T really dropped the ball here.  Saturday, my Internet speed dropped to a terrifying speed barely faster than dial-up.  They first recommended that I swap out my modem for a new one, so I head down to the AT&T and pick up a replacement, which didn’t help at all.  Then one technician decided I may just need a newer modem, while another figured it was a problem with the lines.

So, I headed back down to the AT&T store on Sunday to pick up a modem with a router built in.  Nifty, yeah?  Wrong.  This modem/router combo, for some bizarre reason, would only allow port-forwarding on one computer.  Yes, it actually had an error message that said it clear as day.  “You may only enable port-forwarding on one computer.”  For those of you that don’t know what that is, it is what lets me listen to all of my music on my computers from anywhere, or access the screen and control it remotely.  Completely unacceptable for that to only work on one of my computers.

Swapped it out for one that was just a modem, which didn’t fucking work with my old router.  Yes, I had to head back down there yet again.  Luckily though, on Sunday night, my Internet lives again!

What a terrible weekend, I honestly can say now without a doubt that I am beyond geeky.  A weekend without the Internet was beyond miserable.

On a final note, as I wondered about in my last post, no.  No, you can not live off alcohol and slim fast.  Saturday was miserable.

-That One Person


One Response to “Weekend Of Hell”

  1. You are completely ridiculous. Have I mentioned that lately?

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