Yeah, I have finally grown tired of feeling sick and weak every day of my life.  It would also be nice to lose a little bit of weight, and after feeling like shit by 11:00 A.M. today, I have decided maybe I should go on a diet.

I’m not exactly sure how this will be possible for me though.  Nothing that I consider edible is healthy.  The only vegetable I eat is potatoes, and there isn’t a single fruit that I actually consume.  I’m a very strange eater, with my only meat being chicken fingers from Friendlys and bacon on my bacon & cheddar french fries.  Perhaps if I eat nothing but toast, or peanut butter and jelly?  It has to be better than how I am currently eating.

Today, after heading to the car dealership with my mother, we went out to eat.  I decided to get grilled cheese, french fries, and three root beers.  Yes, this was at ten in the morning.  Also, this was after I had two pudding packs and a can of cherry coke before I left the house.  However, I wouldn’t consider myself grossly over weight, just more than I’d like.  It’s mainly the always feeling like my chest is exploding that is really getting to me.

The largest problem is not eating at Friendlys.  I am beyond addicted, and it’s probably killing me.  Every time I go, around four times a week, I get roughly ten chicken fingers, three orders of fries and a five scoop sundae.  The combination of them spoiling me, the food, the cotton candy soda and the fact that most of my best childhood memories took place in this restaurant is probably why I feel like I need it.

Don’t really know what to do.  I’d love to lose weight, and not be extremely ill all the time, but I just don’t like healthy food.  One thing that may help is that I convinced my parents to order me a Bowflex home gym, since them and even my doctor is majorly concerned with where my health is going.

Well, if you have any suggestions of good healthy food that isn’t fruits, vegetables, or meat, let me know in the comments.

Can one live off of slim fast shakes and alcohol?  Because that may be what I’m going for.

-That One Person


2 Responses to “Dieting”

  1. You’re pretty SOL if you refuse to eat your fruits and veggies, friend. Thinking about calling you this evening, probably late. Talk to you then.

  2. You haz to eat healthy. A Bowflex won’t do all the work for you. Eat some damn Cheerios and get the cholesterol out of your arteries first.

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