Attention “Tea Baggers”

Now I am all for political activism, but the majority of these people just piss me off.  I’m referring of course to the many people going to these “Tea Parties”.  People like Glen Beck and others who are mindless drones from Fox News.  Pretty ironic for a station with the tag line “Fair and Balanced”, yeah?

My neighbors sadly are obsessive Republicans, who both attend these Tea Parties and would gladly take a bullet for Glen Beck.  They were just over here recently talking up a storm about how the failing economy is all the result of the Democrats and Barack Obama.  I have no idea how he could be responsible for the economic recession of the last few years, while only being in office for a few months.

Oh well, the purpose of this post is not to defend the Democrats and to attack the Republicans.  I am just as hateful towards anyone who blindly follows one side, regardless of their personal beliefs.

Another thing that I find amusing is that for the past eight years, Republicans were always saying that the Democrats should just deal with it because this is a Democracy and they were elected into office.  A few months with things the other way around and the conservatives are rioting?  Seriously, suck it up.

Blah.  This whole political situation in the states makes me upset.  With people feeling forced to vote for one out of two parties, choosing the lesser of two evils.  Regardless of how much everyone says my votes are worthless, I will continue to vote for whichever party holds the same beliefs as me, even if it is a smaller party.

It just sickens me how corrupt the government, media, and the entire population can be.  I wish there was some way to fix this system.

Besides my neighbors, Glen Beck, tea baggers, and society upsetting me, my day has been pretty lame all over.  My house is currently having the inside painted, which would be giving me a headache on it’s own.  Mixed with a slight hang over I feel like my head is imploding.  Can’t really keep my mind from wandering to certain things today, probably because there is nothing to do.  Lastly, way too many of my ex girlfriends keep bothering me.

I don’t know.  I’m just full of so much extra hate today, for almost everything.  Yeah.  I’m a terrible person.  Deal with it.   Check back for more tomorrow when I don’t feel like destroying everything.

-That One Person


3 Responses to “Attention “Tea Baggers””

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more on this subject. A close friend of mine has been going to these damn tea parties, but thankfully he’s not an idiot, just been a Republican since…forever lol. We don’t need the government. Go Anarchy!!!

  2. Danube hates politics. Hardcore. >:[

  3. Actually, I think the term “tea baggers” is the most appropriate way to describe these dolts! LOL.

    Of course, I subscribe to the old school definition. Beck is definitely a tea bagger at Fox Noise.

    Although they are getting tons of press, the Republican party is a shambles. When names like Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber are the best they can field against the “Democratic Hordes”, and the governor of the traitorous state of Texas is preaching sedition and secession, I get one of those little warm, fuzzy feelings. Sure, my warm fuzzies crave the blood of the Bush family babies, but that doesn’t make me a bad person, does it? Heh.

    It’s just their chickens comin’ home to roost, and Obama is the “father hen” they have to answer to after all this time.

    The Nazis were pissed off when they had to account for their crimes, too, so this isn’t a new thing. It’s just that for the first time in history, the USA was so damned close to becoming like the Third Reich. We came to our senses a little late to avoid responsibility for our actions, but maybe we’re heading in the right direction now.

    Before anybody takes the time to criticize my comparison of the Bush Administration to the Nazis’ tyranny, I’ll let you in on a secret. I have a close family member who lived through that nightmare. He fought on the Russian Front, lost all his friends by the age of 20 – saw them ALL killed, had family under Gestapo observation for smuggling Jews out of the country, lived in terror of the danger of saying what you think, and saw an insane and desperate nation try to dominate the world under the close supervision of criminals, thugs, monsters and bullies. When he is afraid, and recognizes the signs of what came before, I am afraid too.

    For the last eight years, I’ve been afraid of the thugs in power and the dark future they would herald into being. Let’s hope we learned a little from the history that still affects the lives of the few people who were there to see their whole world in ruin.

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