French Fries

I know it is going to seem pretty silly for me to write a whole entry about this, but you’ll just have to deal with it.

This weekend I went to Friendlys, a great perfect restaurant near me that I go to around 2-4 times a week.  It has been my restaurant of choice for my entire life.  This weekend, however, they got new french fries.

It was a disaster, an outrage, a tragedy.  These fries are much larger, and also are cheaper for them to buy, but wow do they lack in flavor.  They are also more fattening, as if I wasn’t already killing myself with food as it is.

With the old french fries, I knew just how much cheese to get with each dip so that my fries to cheese dip ratio would be perfectly balanced.  I ran out of one right when I ran out of the other.  Maybe I’m OCD, but I just feel like I must eat all of everything I get.  These new fries being so large, I ended up running out of cheese, and had to get a second cheese dip.  With the second cheese dip, I ran out of french fries.  I almost got sucked into a never ending eating cycle.

I guess I’ll just have to get used to these.  A chance in french fries is difficult, but acceptable.  As long as they don’t change their chicken fingers.

If you made it this far into the blog, do you realize that I will never write anything worth reading?


2 Responses to “French Fries”

  1. Now I want french fries, damn it.

  2. Wow… That sucks… What will I get now… Why do they never think about the true patrons of Friendly Restaurants. Will I be forced to only get waffle fries now? Will they change those too? Do they contain more fats then waffle fries? What if I am in the mood for ketchup? You can’t have ketchup with waffle fries. That is blasphemy! Sour cream, Cheese or Bacon is the only true toppings to waffle fries that if I may add bring out their hidden potential. One can not eat sour cream every night… What will be my ketchup substitute now…

    Wow this is just an outrage…

    PS. Valkyrie Chronicles is awesome!

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