It’s a…


Yeah.  That’s right.  Today, I found out I’m going to be having a niece.  While I was hoping for a nephew, the baby is extremely healthy, so I’m happy either way.

Had to wake up at 6:00 A.M. today, which is relatively early for me since I usually can’t sleep till 4 or 5 in the morning.  Headed out on a long journey to the place where my sister was going to find out the sex of her child.  After getting lost a few times, I finally made it there.  Even though I got lost I still got there before she did still.

Now, I am extremely excited that my sister is having a baby, however I didn’t think we were ever going to leave the ultrasound room.  I was losing patience once they got started and did the whole “Let’s thoroughly go over every inch of the kids body before we tell you the sex.”, it seemed like they were never going to tell us.  Once this was done with though, everyone felt like it was necessary to go back over the body for another whole two hours.  Maybe I’m just a lot less emotional than other people.

The next part of my day was fun as well.  I got to hang out with one of my best friends and finish the third season of Lost on blu-ray disc.  It was my sixth time going through that season, but I’m still not tired of it.  That and I enjoy watching things with my friends that they haven’t seen yet.

It is 5:55 P.M. now and I have begun spring cleaning out my closet.  While doing this I found a box full of old cards, photographs, and letters.  It made me remember a lot of things I had forgotten, somethings good, other things quite horrible.  I knew exactly what it was before I even opened the box, although I still believe it’s good for me to look through once a year or so.  It reminds me of the things that made me get to be who I am today, however wonderful or disastrous.  What really concerns me though is that while reading through some of the letters, and seeing myself in pictures with certain people, I have absolutely no idea who they are.  I see myself appearing happy in the photographs yet for the life of me the person won’t come back to mind.  If the letters are any indication, I dated a lot of the people.

Oh well.  Some things are better left forgotten I suppose.  As long as I don’t forget the few who really shaped me the most.  As long as I don’t forget her.

Now it is 6:00 P.M.  Time for the weekend to begin.

-That One Person


4 Responses to “It’s a…”

  1. I’m a girl, too! 😀 People should check out MY body for hours!

    I so did not just offer that.

  2. Oh yeah. Did I tell you my new sister will be a girl too and i will be 22 years older then her. My parents really have to do something about this age gap stuff.

  3. the part about the box?


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