Mountains of Credit Card Debt

Today, I finally hid my credit cards from myself.

After racking up a thousand or two in debt I have finally decided to start taking steps to getting out of debt.  It’s no secret that I have serious spending problems.  What can I say?  It makes me feel happy.

Now that I no longer have the cards, my debt will stop increasing.  The real problem here is going to be getting it to decrease though.  With no job, and no hopes of finding a job, I suppose I may have to resort to drug dealing.  That was a joke, well, the part about drug dealing anyways.

To begin the lowering of how much money I owe, I worked at the family business today.  Holy shit, my hands hurt.  I had to pull around ten thousand staples out of boat and car seats.  With me majoring in computer programming and Internet development, manual labor clearly isn’t what my body is made to do.  However, the pay is well enough so that I should be able to be debt free in a month or two, and that’s even only with working 2 times a week.

The worst part of working with them is dealing with them.  Constantly arguing with myself and each other, I was ready to put a bullet in my brain by the end of the day.

A good part of the day is that around 3:00 pm the mail came.  In it I got three new KMFDM t-shirts, some posters, an autographed copy of Blitz, and some buttons.  I know what you’re thinking, “I thought you weren’t spending anymore.”  Well, I’m not.  I tricked my mother into paying for all of that, telling her it was just t-shirts.  Forty five dollars for all of that is not a bad deal though.

Now it’s 6:00 pm and I have myself some alcohol at the ready.

Days Remaining: 106

-That One Person


4 Responses to “Mountains of Credit Card Debt”

  1. If you became a drug dealer, I’d buy form you.
    You’d have a satisfied customer.

    I’m still jealous of you for going to that convention.
    Take some pictures and let me see them.

  2. Now convince her to get ME the Blitz shirt! >:O
    I kid, I kid.
    I’m glad you held out till 6 p.m. for the alcohol.
    At least it wasn’t 11:35 a.m. again….

  3. I should pay off my credit cards before I go to San Diego also.

    Just seems like a good idea…

    • That-One-Person Says:

      Yeah, same here. I just don’t see it as being very likely for me. Haha. I’ll just end up using whatever money I get for my birthday when we’re out there.

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