Roll It All Together

I finally get to bring my Twitter and my Blog together at last.  As you see over the right side of the page, there has been an update.  Instead of just a boring link to go to my Twitter page, it will automatically add my most recent ‘tweets’ in the column over there.  Well, it will when Twitter isn’t glitching, so around 75% of the time it should list my updates.   This reminds me to ask everyone what I’ve been meaning to ask.  Sign up for an account on, you know you want to.

This is just one of the ways I am bringing a few things together.

Another update I have is a completely new website:

On my new website I won’t just be posting lengthy news updates about my life and views on the world like I do on here.  Over there I will be making much shorting posts that will involve sharing my favorite images, songs, websites, and video clips.  There are two major great things about this new page.  One being that as soon as I post a blog over here, it will automagically add a preview of it.  The other incredible thing is that every time I post something on there it will notify on my Twitter account.

Normally I would go into Twitter when I have a new blog post and update with a messaging informing those following me.  However, now that blogs are instantly added to my other website, and my other websites posts are sent to Twitter, I will no longer have to do this.

That-One-Blog -> That-One-Person -> Twitter -> That-One-Blog

In the future I will have other things also instantly be added to “That One Person” as a place where I can roll it all together.

Check it out.   Let me know what you think.

-That One Person


3 Responses to “Roll It All Together”

  1. So many things in one.
    It’s ridiculous.

    Quit it.

  2. Stranger Says:

    Not e-mailing me anymore?

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