Conficker Virus – A Cure

Today is a day that makes me happy I own a Mac.

Conficker is a virus that has infected millions of computers, and is damn near impossible to detect and remove.  The virus as of yet was not malicious, but part of the virus is set to ask a server for further instructions to do with the many computers it has invaded today on April 1st.  Early this morning a military base was even struck with Conficker, sending them to Def Con 3.

Besides the fact that it has infected more systems that nearly anything before it, another main problem is that it’s day of  turning malicious is April 1st.  It is using April Fools day in hopes that many people will not take the reports seriously, thinking of it as a mere April Fools prank.  This is not a prank however, with many sites such as Symantec, Gizmodo, Microsoft and others all reporting the virus.  Microsoft has even issues a $250,000 reward for the identity of the creator of the Conficker virus.

One theory on what the virus may do is scour the infected computers for information and form a sort of dark search engine, where criminals will be able to search through credit card numbers and other person data.  In my personal non-paranoid opinion it is going to create SkyNet in which the worlds defense systems are infected, and humanity wiped out by terminators.

Luckily for you, there is finally a way to tell if your computer is infected or not.

Hopefully the Internet, or the world, is not completely destroyed after today.

-That One Person


5 Responses to “Conficker Virus – A Cure”

  1. Upside to your theory that humanity will be destroyed by Terminators:
    I’d sex her. >.>

    • That-One-Person Says:

      It really says something about the gorgeousity of a girl when a straight girl would sex her. :-p

  2. milaina Says:

    A Mac? I don’t even know you anymore.

    I heard about this Conficker business today in Cisco.
    Supposedly it means “configuration fuck.”
    “Ficker” or “Ficken” is fuck in German…
    I can’t remember which.

  3. Frakking SkyNet

  4. Hey,
    I’m a lil frazzled right now.

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