KMFDM – Blitz

Today is one of those days, one of those days where sweet new music enters not only my ears but my heart.

The most incredible band, the kings of Industrial, the owners of my music heart, KMFDM, came out with a new album today.  It’s strange how the first album of theirs I listened to was the best album I have ever  heard in my entire life.  It’s strange because every time I listen to a new album of theirs it manages to be even better than the last one.  They never cease to amaze me and push the limit of music. 

I seriously have not turned this off since it came out.  Just like every time they have a new CD, it will probably remain on loop for about a month. 

If you have never listened to KMFDM or are even new to Industrial, I demand that you pick up one of their albums.  Everybody I have got to listen to their music has fallen in love with it, even those who aren’t usually into this type of music. 

Yes, I wrote this blog just to say one thing. 

KMFDM is irresistible.  Blitz is definitely a 10 star album.  Check it out

-That One Person


2 Responses to “KMFDM – Blitz”

  1. You’re still getting me the Blitz t-shirt, riiiiiight?!

  2. You know what else is irresistible?


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