The Countdown Begins

In 124 days I am leaving this little slice of Hell.  That’s right everyone, I will be out of this state and in one with less bad memories.  Sadly this is only temporary, just a vacation away from all the pain that this place reminds me of.  After spending two weeks or more in San Diego I will be returning.  Now, I doubt anyone will even notice my departure from this place except for maybe a bit of jealousy that I will be on the shores of California, and you will not. 

This all started when I got my tax return back.  Luckily for me it was just the right amount of me to pay off my debts, however I rarely do what I should so I instead decided to pay for a vacation.  

You may be asking, “Why would someone who hates the heat venture off to a place like California?”, if you know me enough to know I loathe the warmth.  There are two major reasons why.  One reason being that I can’t stand almost anybody in this horrible place, and the other reason is that a form of Heaven is in San Diego in July.  One of the geekiest things ever created, there will be comics, movie promos, video game previews, and just an abundance of geek joy. 

Yes my friends, I am going to ComicCon!

My friend and I have 4 day passes there and tickets to preview night, the night before it starts, which are all both sold out.  Also, our hotel is on the ocean between downtown and SeaWorld.

Jealous yet?  Yeah, you should be.

Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll win the lottery out there or find a job, anything to prevent me from coming back here.  I have nothing left holding me to this place besides college and a free place to live.  Even if I return from this trip, I will surely leave this place for good once college is over. 

Days Remaining: 124

-That One Person


2 Responses to “The Countdown Begins”

  1. Bang Summer Glau for me, ‘kay?

  2. Yeah, someone is jealous of you.
    I hate you so much.
    Gahhhhhhhhhh, a;lkoeringis;o

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