Writers Block

Not only do I have writers block, it appears many other thoughts are blocked as well.  I can’t think straight lately, my mind is scattered, and memories are being forgotten. 

I wish I could write.  Even if I could though, why?


-That One Person


2 Responses to “Writers Block”

  1. Samberinooo Says:

    You should because well,
    it’s nice to know what’s on your mind when you wont tell me.

    I’ll play you a song to cheer you up…When I can that is. haha
    Only because according to you,
    It’s one of the two hottest sexiest instruments people can play.
    l*-*l <—TAPE!

  2. Welcome to my world. I haven’t been able to write anything in 7508508573473408458034 days, and it’s driving me insane!

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