You know how it is when you read about movies.  The post below has spoilers so don’t read it if blah, blah, blah…

Today I saw the most incredible movie I have ever watched.

Usually movies (and everything else in the world) don’t live up to their hype.  Watchmen is an exception.  This movie is everything you could possibly want in a ‘super-hero’ movie.  It has drama, action, science-fiction, sex scenes, and a naked blue super god.  Oh wait, what’s that?  You didn’t want a naked blue super god?  Yeah, me either.


One of the main characters, Dr. Manhattan, was nude throughout at least half of this film.

I know it adds somewhat of a realism to the film, as opposed to giving him barbie parts, but why not just keep his clothes on?  During most of the scenes where he is not completely nude he sometimes has this plain black underwear on, so why remove it?  They made it seem like he was going to remain clothed during the first half of the film and then just removed all his clothes the second half.  Oh well, it didn’t bother me that badly because the over all epicness of the film shadowed over it.  Just don’t take your child to see it, it is rated R for a real reason.

The story of the film was intense, like nothing I have ever seen in a ‘super-hero’ movie before.  The heroes in Watchmen are a lot more human, besides the blue schlong guy, than any I’ve seen before.  You can tell they aren’t really super heroes, just actual people who want to try to help society.  They experience normal human emotions such as pain and love that you can really feel when watching it unlike most of the other cookie cutter super heroes.  Other heroes are often made so cardboard, child friendly, and bland that it is too hard to relate to them in my opinion.

Amazing character development and a plot that really pulls you in are two of this movies strongest spots.  You get to know just the right amount of every character without feeling like they focused too much on one person and not enough on another.  A lot of movies go through a lot of the character development and backstory before the plot really begins, this movie however pulls off giving you bit by bit of each heroes past all throughout the story.

This movie will be probably 2009’s “Dark Knight”, even though I feel that it is far far superior.  I can’t even explain it anymore because I worry that I may taint the awesome nature of the film.

I am going to go out and buy the graphic novel it is based on right now.

-That One Person


One Response to “Watchmen”

  1. Oh god… lucky duck. I want to see that so bad. I’ll have to bug someone this weekend to go see it.

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