It has been a month now.  It feels both like a day and like a year.  My mind is certainly still trying to reject this reality.

I was hoping by now that there would be a solution, maybe some answer to this difficult problem, but it has not come yet.  I am starting to doubt that it ever will, and everything I have ever believed in.   I have become distant now, a passenger to the person in control of my life.  It is like I am sitting here from a distance, watching myself go through these days, watching the hourglass as I wait for it to run out and need to be flipped over.

This may not make a lot of sense to some people.  I am just no longer in control again.  So much of myself is rapidly changing, the effects of many causes all happening at once.  Everything I have postponed finally rushing inwards onto me.

I am seeing these days go by but I am not feeling them.  Not a minute has passed for me for sometime.  My days flow by like seconds, as I hardly experience them.

Emotionally comatose, I worry that I may never wake.

-That One Person


4 Responses to “Comatose”

  1. I’m talking to you on the phone.


  2. Get back into the driver’s seat. I know you can do it.

  3. That-One-Person Says:

    Not alone. This is too much for me.

  4. Buy a wagon. It worked for me.

    Just check the grade of the hill before you jump in.

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