Vanity Plates

Today sure was an interesting day.   Thanks to our good friends alcohol and NyQuil I managed to sleep right up until noon.  Amazing for me, yes?

I decided recently that I would very much enjoy learning Japanese using a new Nintendo DS game called My Japanese Coach.  This is just one game in a series including English Coach, Spanish Coach, French Coach, SAT Coach and a few others.  I figured the best way to purchase a new game would be from where I work using my discount, so I pack up a few of my old games to trade in and drive down to where I work.

When I got there I checked all through the system looking for this game and realized that the company I work at only carries one of these games.  Guess which one? Spanish? French? SAT? Wrong.  The only one of these games we carry is My English Coach.  How much sense does that make?  Oh well, they were only going to give me $31 in store credit for my five games I was going to trade in.  After this I headed down to Babbages, another game store, to see if they had the game and if I could get enough for my games to afford it.

To my surprise my games wouldn’t trade in for $31 but for an insane $110.  Good thing the place I work sucks and didn’t carry the game I wanted.  I ended up getting My Japanese Coach and a few other really fun looking games.

Today I realized I hate something new.

I’m sure all of you know from the news lately that “the economy is doing really horrible” and “people have less money to be spending on things they don’t absolutely need”.  Well one thing I realized more and more people are finding a way to afford is vanity licence plates.  I know no one really cares but this amuses me.  Increasingly often I see people with these.  Today I actually only drove behind one person that did not have one, and I started to wonder if these were really worth the effort and the cost.

Are these not simply bumper stickers that only give you seven characters to express yourself with?  Would it not be cheaper to go to one of the many websites that let you print out your own customer bumper sticker for a fraction of the cost of a vanity plate?  I know, this is just another one of those silly things that I hate but no one else has a problem with.  Just seems to be a large waste of money in my opinion, and I am glad I no longer have one.

The major restrictions on these plates leaves no real room to express yourself anyways.  That and some of the attempts are just pathetic.  I often want to slam into the backs of these peoples cars just to ask them what the Hell were they trying to say with their seven characters.  So is the news lying about our failing economy?  Can everyone really afford to dish out money on a yearly basis just to express themselves in such a limited way?

Anyways, the rest of my day was quite a drag.  Almost everything reminding me of a certain someone and no real distractions to take my mind off of things.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day for me to hate new things.

-That One Person


6 Responses to “Vanity Plates”

  1. I read this, kay.
    Cheer up. You’re crushing my happiness.

  2. Holy shit, dude. Which games did you take in? Wish we had a Babbages here.

    I never really understood vanity plates, either. Always thought having that bunch of random characters would be better for making a getaway. Y’know, harder for the victim to remember what the plate was.

  3. That-One-Person Says:

    Yeah, if I were to have a vanity plate again it’d be a random set of O’s and 0’s.


    “What was their license plate?” – “oooooh? maybe?”

    Reminds me, I saw someones plate today that said “PEDO 52”. Seriously.

    Traded in Snood and Phantom Hourglass for the DS, Two Worlds, Lost Odyssey and Crackdown for the Xbox 360.

  4. Lol, oh wow. That’s great.

    Cool, cool. Are Phantom Hourglass and Lost Odyssey any good?

  5. That-One-Person Says:

    Phantom Hourglass was fun. Lost Odyssey was OKAY, nothing real special. If you want a time consuming RPG I’d pick it up. Just at times it gets ridiculous because you can tell they adding ridiculously boring things just as filler to make it four discs long.

    I’d recommend Blue Dragon if you want a fun 360 RPG for turn based. For real time RPG I’d say Fallout 3 all the way.

  6. I’ll keep it in mind.
    Hee, I have Fallout 3 for the PC. B]

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