My God…

…What have you done to me?

I just want everyone to know that they really actually don’t need to be reading these anymore.  These are my own rantings that none of you truly care about.

It isn’t just these recent things that is doing this.  I think it’s me.  I’ve felt close for a long time, and was being held on by a thread.  Everything has just built up and built up with no where to go.  I held it all in.  I have changed so many times inside that I don’t think I have a real me.  Basically, I am on the downward slope with no way back up.  My small thread I held with the rest of the world is gone.  It’s everything I think.  Trying to stay here for all of you was a joke.  I had a reason.  This feeling of not being able to breathe is crushing me.

Just know that this wasn’t one single thing.  Not your fault, but mine.

This blog is just going to get worse the closer we get to it.  We are sorry.  Don’t bother.

I love you.

-That One Person


One Response to “My God…”

  1. Gee, Mr. X(-D)B, that sounds like a suicide note. You know, if you DON’T want me to read your “stuff”, you probably shouldn’t send out all those MySpace bulletins saying, “Don’t read this”, or whatever you say.

    “Oh no! Please don’t throw me in that briar patch, Brar Fox!”

    Those stories were once mine, but nobody remembers the spider who stole Tiger’s balls. They only remember that damned rabbit. Sometimes, the story just doesn’t go your way, so all you can to is tell another one.

    Tiger makes that so damned easy.

    So what kind of carnivores have you been teasing to sound this unhappy?

    Angst gets old, my friend. Pitch it like you would a hat that’s come into style! Who needs it anyway? No more talk about “threads” being broken, and losing ties to this world. Move your damned feet, child!

    Buy a hooker if you need to bust a nut that bad, but don’t let me catch you moping about or I’ll tan that white ass of yours with a hickory switch.

    (Don’t tell me you didn’t smile for half a second with that comical visual. Me chasing you around, that look of abject terror on your face as you realize that I meant it. Whooooo! Here comes the beating of a lifetime!)

    Anyway, even if you didn’t smile at that one, just think of the look on Tiger’s face when Monkey and his friends coming up over the hill singing the following tune…

    “Tiger’s Balls, I ate Tiger’s Balls!
    Now nobody’s gonna’ mess with me at all,
    Nobody’s gonna’ put me ‘gainst that big black wall,
    I ate that Tiger’s testamonials, I ate Tiger’s Balls!”

    Now you’re smiling. Your eyebrows are doing that comical “wiggly” thing they do to express discomfort too. Come on! Try it. Sing those words aloud and see if you don’t discover a contageous smile that just won’t go away…

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