Game Over

I lost it seems.

Sorry I didn’t post back last night with anything like I said I may have done.  After posting yesterday my day rapidly turned miserable.  I can’t believe it was just yesterday, I swear a week must have passed so far.  I’m not going to be too specific on what is happening, just that it is bad.  I didn’t see this coming at all. What they say is indeed true, you never realize how much something means until it is gone.  I knew what I lost meant a lot to me, more than anything has in a long time, but I still wasn’t prepared for this feeling.

There is this feeling inside me I can’t explain.  You know that scared look when someones expression turns blank and their skin goes pale because they are just that terrified.  It’s like that, but constant.  I don’t know.  Still in my head I run over the last few days over and over and over again, looking for something I must have done incorrectly.  I can’t find it.

Let me just say that while you guys are my friends, there was only one person who has been there for me through everything.  The only person that accepted me for the broken, damaged, and crazy way that I am.

Yeah guys.  It looks like I lost my best friend.

Sorry if in the future for the next few weeks I post less, I just don’t know what to say.  I know most of you are probably saying “It’s no big deal.”  The reason you are saying that if you actually are saying that is because you don’t really care.  I can’t change what matters most to me.  Different things matter to you and to me.  This mattered most to me though.

I apologize for everything.

-That One Person


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