Last Few Days

Hello my very few readers.  I wanted to apologize for how I’ve been these last few days, which would be really really down.  It is none of your faults, just dealing with my own fears and mental issues.  Sorry I have not been here to post and let you know what is new.  I may have posted two days ago but that really didn’t count.

To make up for the last two days, this post may be unreasonably long. I am going to cover what happened Tuesday, yesterday, and maybe part of today.  Those of you allergic to boredom, you may want to skip this long one.


Tuesday was a pretty interesting day for several reasons.

  • My first day of class this semester.
  • Had a somewhat large emotional breakdown.
  • Went to Friendlys.
  • Probably was my first full alcohol free day in a week or two.

We’ll start with class.  People terrify me already, but in a classroom setting they terrify me ten times as much.  I don’t know what it is about them that makes me freak out so bad and not be able to breathe the first few times in each class.  Whatever it is, I hate it.  This is why this semester I managed to schedule all but one of my classes online. Hurray!  Before heading to this class I was panicking and completely worried about how horrible it would be.  Once actually in class however it turned out to be not as bad as I was expecting it to be.  Both the professor and the other students don’t seem to bad which made it not so scary even by the end of this first session.  You know those silly flash videos you see online?  That’s what this class is about, learning how to do make cartoons in Adobe Flash.  So, the only real problem will be my lack of an imagination.

Next, my break down.  I know this will make me sound weak or whatever, but I don’t care.  Lately I have been having really severe mood swings for absolutely no reason.  Tuesday I guess I just swung so far to the depressed side that I kind of got stuck there for a little while.

Now, the sad part.  I couldn’t drink any alcohol at all Tuesday because I had to get my blood drawn Wednesday morning.  I guess this may have resulted also in my dramatic mood swing since all the thoughts I’ve been suppressing for a long time (especially since I now have access to vodka and not just wine coolers) came back all at once last night.  When I wasn’t drinking before I managed to find something to distract myself with, Tuesday there just wasn’t anything.  That may be why I lost it momentarily.

Finally, the best part of Tuesday.  Drum roll please.  I got to go eat dinner at Friendlys.  Thank you God.  I had not been there in over a week since I was on vacation.  I can not even describe how much I missed it.  They truly have the best food and ice cream I have ever had.  This concludes Tuesday.


Wednesday was so much more simpler, thank goodness.  Only two real interesting things happened.

At the start of the day I had to rush to get ready and make it to the doctor before 9.  There they drew what seemed to be all of my blood out of my body for tests.  This may make some people, like my sister, faint but it didn’t really bother me all that much.  Also while there I scheduled an appointment with the actual doctor on Friday.

After this there was a large gap of emptiness in my day until I went to work where I really didn’t do anything.

Four o’clock rolled around and I had to finally clock in for the first time since before vacation.  It wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be.  Due to an insanely bad snow storm I only had to ring out six people in a five hour period.  Easy beans.  The hardest thing about work was the drive there and the drive home.


Not much has happened today.

I woke up, I made the only person that matters upset with me, I went to class, and now I’m back.  The only real thing worth mentioning is that I still have not drank anything since Monday.

No vodka, not even any wine coolers.  Aren’t you proud?

This concludes the longest post yet.

-That One Person


2 Responses to “Last Few Days”

  1. i am very proud of you! =]

  2. I told you drinking would effect you.
    Listen to me next time, yeah?

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