Day of Nothingness

Today was my first full day back, and it was wonderful. I did practically nothing.

I woke up today and just stayed in bed for a few hours, and just caught up on the sleep I missed over vacation. Didn’t have breakfast or anything because there is absolutely no food in our house currently. I may be starving a little bit but besides that today was amazing.

There was no school for me today. There was no work for me today. Just a day of being lazy, which is something I truly excel at.

With my abundance of time today I got to finally watch Swordfish on blu-ray, which was incredible. After that I finished a few good books I’ve been meaning to get around to. Then finally to end my starving, I had a great dinner. Although I did leave one part of my day to explain last, since it spanned my entire day.

Now, I want everyone to know the reason why I ever smile. If ‘mushy’ sounding stuff is not what you are here to read, be warned about the next paragraph.

Today wasn’t amazing just because I got to sit around and be a bum. I got to talk to the only one I love all through out the entire day. She really is something extraordinary, not even having to try and turning all my sadness into happiness everyday. I really am lucky just to know her, someone so indescribable. Just know that if you are hoping for my heart, which is doubtful, you are out of luck because this girl else has it. You may think this is ridiculous but deal with it, this love is something that goes above reason and is uncontrollable. I’m happy about that. You people, you know who you are, stop putting doubtful thoughts in my head. I am happy. I am happy not only because of a girl, but because of the way my heart feels.

Sorry about that, it just had to be said.

Even though today was filled with nothing, it was perfect because of the one who is my everything.

-That One Person


3 Responses to “Day of Nothingness”

  1. Awe,
    That’s cute.

    It makes me unbelieveably happy to know that you’re not so down.
    You should be like this more often.

  2. That smiley face shit,
    Pisses me off.

  3. wow im sad that girl isnt me. =[

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