Final Day Strikes Back

Time to celebrate once more that today is my final day here. Hopefully this time it is true, because I am losing my mind here. Also, I will try my best to make this post as interesting as it can be for a day as boring as possible.

For the start of the day… Well, my day started at midnight since I didn’t sleep. There was just too much on my mind I guess, got way too depressed to sleep. Was quiet a boring night, instead of making use of my extra 6 hours I just drank, thought, cried, and stared at the ceiling all night. Jealous yet?

Around 6:00 when everyone started to wake up I quickly ran and got in the shower first. All week I tired of being the last one to get a shower and be stuck with cold water, well now the tables are turned. I realized though that this should mean that the last person would be the one to have no warm water, but I only had one day to get everyone back in. So, being the lovely person I am, I took an hour and a half long shower. After that I just let the water run a little longer as I got dressed and ready. What now?! All of you have cold water? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Breakfast was interesting, not because of the pathetic people I ate with, but because of the person texting me during it.

Okay, for this next part to make sense you need a little bit of information. AirTran and possibly all the other airlines have this policy about not being able to pick your seats and print your boarding pass more than twenty four hours ahead of time. They are pretty picky too, flight leaves at 11:11 a.m. tomorrow and we couldn’t pick out seats at 11:10 a.m. the day before. Anyways, I was sitting there watching the seconds approach 11:11 so I could be the first to pick seats. The flight down was miserable sitting right next to the damn engine.

Victory was mine. Our seats are at the very front, right behind business class, which should give us triple the leg room of everybody else on the airplane. Hurrah!

At noon I went and seen Yes Man as my family went to the beach. This was, in my opinion, one of Jim Carrey’s best films yet. I highly recommend seeing this one. The other main character is played by Zooey Deschanel, who is the second prettiest girl on this planet. Only person prettier than her is that special someone in my heart, whose beauty is far greater than the rest of the worlds. I apologize that you aren’t as pretty as her, no matter who you are.

Back on topic.

I didn’t do anything till dinner time but bash my head into the wall, and then when dinner time rolled around I decided not to have a meal. Reason being is that I’d like to lose some weight, so instead I just ate cake. I’m off to a great start, yes?

Now I shall try to sleep, and escape this evil place tomorrow morning. Check back again for another exciting episode of That One Blog!

-That One Person


3 Responses to “Final Day Strikes Back”

  1. hthat pretty person better be me, hahaha but i doubt it is. and ya for good seats on the plane!!!!!

  2. You love me.

  3. I’m sorry for your awful night…my fault…
    However, your morning sounds nice. Care to fill us in on why breakfast was so interesting? XD
    Yes Man?! Dude! That’s my movie, let’s go see it!
    I’m blushing 🙂

    Cake is good.

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