Trapped In Hell

If you’ve been keeping up with my blogs, doubtful, you’d know that I’d be posting tonight if the airport has free Wi-Fi. Well, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start with the beginning of the day.

I woke up relatively happy, having had a great dream and being excited to get out of this miserable place. Then I proceeded to eat at the same place as I have every other day for breakfast.

My family was going to head out to a boat show now. I had to find something else to do, since I could not imagine anything more boring. I decided I’d head to the theater and see Valkyrie. I was prepared for this movie to be horrible with Tom Cruise being in it, but I couldn’t have imagined it was going to be nearly as much garbage as it actually ended up being.

Having a dry plot, a long drawn out story, quiet horrible acting, and being about what it was about, I suggest that anybody goes and sees Hotel For Dogs before seeing Valkyrie.

Dinner time rolled around and here is where my day got extra interesting. The family decided to go to CrApplebees, since they had $75 worth of gift cards for there. They all argued against my hate for the place, saying it would be amazing.

We order drinks, root beer for myself and great uncle, and as he brings the drinks out the waiter says “We don’t have root beer, I brought you both Mr. Pibb”. Well, isn’t that a great start? He actually picked out our drinks instead of asking. It just gets better from here.

When they bring the food out it isn’t him but some girl, and they didn’t bring my grandmothers food. We just assumed it’d be brought out in a second, like it took longer to cook, because that happens sometimes. About ten minutes later he comes by and we stop him and ask where her food is. He says “They don’t have tomato soup anymore, what other kind would you like?” She decided on chili. Two minutes later he came back with a bowl of clam chowder, “We’re out of chili, I brought you clam chowder instead.” and ran off.

What is this?! Candid Camera?

After my family threw a fit about this, they tried to pay with the gift cards. Around 25 minutes later he came back and said “The machine isn’t reading them right now, they are trying to fix it currently.” Ten minutes later my father went over to the manager. Guess who all ate for free? We did.

We finally went outside and began to say our goodbyes when my mother got an email on her phone, advising that she reschedule our flight due to the weather. This brings me back to where I started. No, I am not posting because the airport has free Internet, but because I am trapped in paradise Hell.

Please, kill me swiftly.

-That One Person


5 Responses to “Trapped In Hell”

  1. omg. i am so sorry you are trapped in that horrid place, but you sound like your having fun right now. haha because im tlking to you also. lol you are so funny and they took away theapplebees around here we have to drive kinda ike 30 minute s away but i havent eaten there in like a year lol

  2. You’ll be home soon. Be happy(:
    Maybe we could be friendly and do something one day, yes?

  3. Hey, On, sorry to hear about your Applebees woes. I ate at the Applebees here in my own home town last night, and it was awesome! No awkward substitutions, great food, got my drink, no forgotten food, no inconsiderate servers. Naturally, I had to pay for the %#@$ing meal!!!! Damn. You are so lucky sometimes!

    As for Valkyrie, the film was based (pretty accurately – for the most part) on what actually happened. May not be a Bourne film, but imagine what it must have been like in that paranoid society, to have to screw up the kind of courage and fight down the absolute terror that it took to do what they did. Imagine what it would have taken for you to actively turn a rebellion against the Bush Administration four years ago, and then multiply that fear by infinity.

    The Nazis didn’t screw around. They just killed you. And your friends. And your family. And the nice old lady down the street for good measure.

    It’s easy to knock a film for not being exciting, but I am glad they didn’t dress it up much. I do understand why many critics hated it. The film was staged much like a History Channel documentary, without the narrator to explain all the names, places, details and odd coincidences that glue all of it together. Much was left to context, without offering the kind of exposition that would give a broader understanding.

    If you want to be a critic, then make sure you “hate responsibly”. Don’t just say it sucked. Explain what you felt was wrong, and why. Anybody can say that the film was “boring”, but you are not just anybody, my friend. You are exceptional. Be that, Be.


  4. i actually thought valkryie was pretty amazing. and it wasnt because of cruise. it just depends on taste. i think your the last one on this planet that will be flipping on the history channel. am i right? AND mr. spirit, IIII texted you during day the earth stood still ๐Ÿ™‚ WOOT!!! hehe. it was only you and me in the WHOOOLEEE theater. yea US. have a good flight!

  5. That-One-Person Says:

    I love History Channel, that and Discovery is about the only two I watch on television.

    Even if it is based on a true story they could have definitely made the film better. I don’t know, maybe I dislike Cruises acting enough that it ruined my view on the whole film?

    I don’t know, just wasn’t my cup of tea. And yeah Kristin, it was just you and I.

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