The Beach

Do I even need to say that I went to the same place for breakfast yet again? It’s sort of a given. As always it was delicious and appears to be my only reason to even go to Florida, the food.

Today the Hellish weather has returned.  It reached something like 90 degrees today, which gave my parents the urge to go to the beach. What misery that was!  Going to the beach is one thing, but being forced to walk something like 20 miles down it in the roasting heat is something else.

One section of the beach looks just like the rest of it. I don’t see why we couldn’t just sit on the beach and enjoy it, instead of exhausting ourselves.  The incredibly long walk was worsened even further by the fact that the beach was literally covered with hundreds of dead fish.

After finally leaving the sandy part of the beach we ate at a disgusting restaurant on the beach. It was ridiculously buggy. Gross.

Following this I went to the theatre and saw another film. This time I seen The Day The Earth Stood Still, which wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone said. It certainly wasn’t no Spirit but it was still relatively enjoyable.

Quite the boring day, yes? Aren’t you regretting you bothered reading this? That’s how I feel about Florida.

What I learned today is that seagulls go for the fishes eyeballs first. Interesting.

Tomorrow I depart for Tampa, where I will simply sleep in a hotel for the night so I can leave for my flight Saturday morning. Depending on if the hotel has Internet, you will hear from me again tomorrow. Excited?

-That One Person


3 Responses to “The Beach”

  1. “What I learned today is that seagulls go for the fishes eyeballs first.”

    You just made my day. The line was unexpected so I laughed out loud during class without any form of restraint. :]

  2. Well that’s nice, especially because it was around 90 below zero today. Insanity. Trade me places lol.
    Hmm…dead fish? There’s something poetic and deep about the thought of death littering the beautiful shoreline.
    I could never regret reading your blogs when they’re usually the only reason I touch the computer.

    The seagulls are smart animals. I, being a cannibal, also go for the eyeballs first when I eat my humans.

  3. very excited! adn dead fish! ewww! i hate walkign on the beach i hate the sand getting stuk to everything but i love the beach!

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