A Cold Front

Nothing real interesting happened today, except the weather becoming slightly more bearable.

Woke up today and ate at the same place yet again, which was delicious. After that I sat around here and debated beating my head into the wall for around three empty hours. It is so mind numbingly boring where I am at.

Around 1:00 p.m. my friend texted me and asked me which part of Florida I was at, I responded and surprisingly she has been to this part. She told me about her favorite restaurant down here, Tiki Bar.  So, being the kind of person I am, I quickly suggested to the family that we head there for lunch. Both to save me from death by boredom and to make my friend extremely jealous.

The restaurant had great tasting food and was on the water.  About halfway through our meal though the employees started to go around and lower the curtains. Their reason being that “A cold front is moving in, going to get down to around 70.”  Seriously now? 70 degrees? What ever will they do.

Sadly, it only got down to 72 today, not any lower. Still too warm for my taste. Although then it began to pour down rain. Hallelujah! This rain ruined my families prior plans and allowed me to make another trip to the mall. I really think I may have spending problems.

For dinner, there was pizza and beer. Afterward my family got into a huge argument all screaming and cursing at each other. I hate them probably double than the rest of humanity.

Here we are again, the end of the day. Only one final day and night at the grandparents and then I’m off to Tampa.

End Transmission

-That One Person


6 Responses to “A Cold Front”

  1. That One Person has the largest weener in the land.
    Yay you!

  2. That-One-Person Says:

    How sweet of you. Cheered me right up. Hah

  3. Sympathetic Says:

    What are your plans for Tampa?

  4. I’ll save you from boredom!
    72…that’d be nice for here, but too cold for Florida :/

  5. AHHHHH TIKI BAR <333 i love it. =]]]

  6. That-One-Person Says:

    Yeah. Damn right you better be jealous. =)

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