Another Day

Looked like today was going to be just another boring day in Hel.. I mean, Florida.  Around 10:00 a.m. though we received a phone call from my other ‘grand parents’ , saying they wanted to come over and visit.

These people aren’t biologically my grandparents, not even either of my parents adopted parents, but they are more family to me than anyone else. When I was younger I used to camp (in a trailer, not a tent) every weekend, and they were our neighbors down there.

As a child they taught me everything I needed to know about gambling, cheating in games, and other useful knowledge. They are also the only people that would send me Christmas or birthday cards some years.

Anyways, today was grand! I got to go out to eat at Olive Garden with them, then play some cards back at where I am staying. After they sadly left I was lucky enough to go see The Spirit again.

That film just gets better and better every time I see it. I don’t really know what peoples problem with it is though. It has been out for little over a week and there were only 6 people in the theater to see it, and 4 of them left halfway through because they were so displeased with it. They weren’t even together, four separate people didn’t find it satisfying enough to stay.

Oh well, their loss. This is by far one of my favorite movies of all time, if I were a super hero, I would be the Spirit. He dresses in all black with a red tie, which is exactly how I love to dress even before I knew this film existed.

Another amazing part of this day is my love.  Every time I felt that sting of hate or sadness she quickly removed it and replaced it with my love for her. She really is something else. Indescribable.  Someday…

Now my day draws to an inevitable end. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to take a turn for the better, and drop around twenty degrees. Thank God.

Time for me to retire for the evening.

-That One Person


7 Responses to “Another Day”

  1. Grammar Nazi Says:

    All Hail That One Person


  2. I really need to see the spirit to form my own opinion about the movie ill probably like it when all of my friends said it was silly. but its was nice that you got to spend time with people that made you happy. thats really good!

  3. wow i really cant believe that person corrected our grammar what a fucking doucher! who the fuck cares this is like the second time this week that someone has done that its the fucking internet not a fuckign college report! WHO CARES! OMG! i spell like everything wrong because i type really fast and i dont cae about grammar because im not even in school till like 2 weeks from now so STFU!

  4. That-One-Person Says:

    It’s no big deal. They were just picking. I know them. 😛

    But wait till you see this. In here, I am God.

    *snaps fingers*

    Presto Chango.

  5. hahahahah yes!! <33333

  6. Grammar Nazi Says:

    Fair enough. 😛

    @cupcake I happen to know that this kid doens’t even abbreviate in text messages. I was only joking with him. Don’t have a heart attack; it’s only the internet & also none of your business.

  7. I really like how Grammar Nazi made a typo. Honestly, it makes my heart smile.
    Anyways, your Grandpa sounds amazing. I wish I had someone that could teach me all those things.
    Does The Spirit have like, super powers? Wait…don’t answer that! Let’s just go see it 🙂

    You are God, I am Satan.

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