Stealing From The Poor

What an interesting day.  Woke up the same as always, headed to the same restaurant I’ve gone to everyday since I got down here for breakfast. Then after breakfast, my grandparents decided to take us to this “discount store” they have been speaking of the last few days.

Now, my grandparents and parents aren’t exactly poor.  I was expecting to pull into something sort of like a dollar store or thrift shop. I was very mistaken, what we arrived at was Haven Outreach: Providing Food & Hope.  As I read the sign, I thought maybe we were lost and were turning around. Yet again I was mistaken, this was the place.

“Is my family insane?!”, I thought. This obviously was a place where churches donated food and supplies to help get under privileged families back on their feet, charging just enough to stay in business. Outside was a sign that stated: “Card must be presented for free loaf of bread. 1 per week” How could people not understand this?

  • 12 cent cans of food
  • 10 cent cans of soda
  • 50 cent large bottles of pills

Do any of these things sound like something you would find in a normal dollar store?

Also, it wasn’t as if there were areas for certain product with normal pricing. Just shelves of things thrown up there in no order with stickers that listed a reasonable price to pay the bills/employees.  My morals may be a little bit stretchy or weak but I would never do this.  As my mother pulled out her iphone and exclaimed to someone on the phone “You wouldn’t believe this stores deals!” I couldn’t handle being seen with them and went to wait in the car.

I believe there may be a special level of Hell for people such as my family. Shopping somewhere that ‘gives hope’ and is an ‘outreach’ while having enough money to be comfortable on.

Later on in the afternoon I walked the beach, frantically searched malls for more stuff to entertain me, and had Little Caesars for dinner. Hell yes, I have been craving their pizza for months.

As another interesting, almost exciting, day closes… I must head to sleep. I’ll post back tomorrow, of course.

-That One Person


2 Responses to “Stealing From The Poor”

  1. Day Tripper Says:

    A large bottle of pills? As in… aspirin? Or Tylenol? Because I immediately thought narcotics judging by your nonchalant “bottles of pills”. An average person would call them bottles of medicine.

  2. yeah thats crazy, i mean my mom and dad could use a store like that but people who are well off really shouldnt even step foot in there. thats kinda redonkulous.

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