Who would have expected I’d post two blogs in one day?! Madness.

I suppose I should continue where we left off?  We picked up a rent-a-car from the airport, and immediatly got lost.  My father was driving and is always in such a hurry that my mother didn’t even have time to read the directions properly.  Of course he blamed her on us getting lost, as I thought “What a great start to vacation.”

After about a half an hour in the wrong direction we found a place to turn around.  Another hour later we arrived at our first stop, Downtown Disney.  The only real reason I desired to stop here is because of The Rainforest Cafe, the second best restaurant ever to exist.  I had mozzerella sticks, a whole cheese pizza, a side a french fries, and then a ‘Volcano Brownie Sundae’ made to serve 4.  By the time I finished this lunch my jaw was aching.

While in Downtown Disney I got sidetracked by one of the most amazing stores ever, the Virgin Megastore.  It puts the movie, music, and video game store I work in to shame.  The Latin music section alone being the same size as my entire store.  There were also equally as massive rooms for each genre of blu-rays, video games, animes, movies, and music. Towering over other entertainment stores at two floors, complete with a restaurant and balcony.  Needless to say, I spent more money than I should have there.

After departing from Downtown Disney I had a painfully miserable three hour long drive to the east coast of Florida where my grandparents reside.

Now, at the end of an exhausting day, I finally rest and get ready to sleep in the guest bedroom of their house.  This may be difficult seeing as both the bed and pillows are slightly more tough than stone. Farewell till tomorrow.

-That One Person


One Response to “Combo!”

  1. oooh DISNEY! hahah ive only been there like 3 or 4 times. lol

    but Virgin Megastore very excited!

    and i thought this was kinda interesting but very dumb for typing

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