Leaving Tomorrow

As winter comes, some species migrate south. Tomorrow I shall begin my trip to that southern state, Florida. I don’t necessarily want to go, due to the extreme heat, but it is a week away from work.

This may be a perfect time to explain something about me. You see, most of you people flee the cold and seek refuge in the heat. I don’t know why, maybe it is something wrong with me or maybe it is something wrong with humanity. I’ll choose the latter today. Maybe I just enjoy the chilling cold to match the temperature of my heart?

Anyways, enough of that.

Tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. I must leave this would-be winter wonderland and depart on my flight to Florida. It is awful fun being a procrastinator. It’s 10:51 p.m. currently and I have yet to begin packing my suitcase.

Today has been an interesting day, this night is looking like it is going to be grand thanks to a certain female. Unless I say something to ruin the happiness.

No. I don’t mean grand because of that. Sick people.

Well, it appears I must depart. So much to do and so little amount of time to do it in. Don’t worry my loyal readers, I’ll still post everyday during vacation.

-That One Person


One Response to “Leaving Tomorrow”

  1. I love florida! but i could do with out the sweldering heat if it was like 72˚ all the time, which is room temperature and a litle sunny, just perfect enough to go into the ocena i would love it! my cousins all live there and i love visiting them. But im a girl who loves the sun. i also love the snow sometimes. lol if only i have a not so shitty car that drove well in the snow and didnt get stuck in my driveway everytime it snowed like today! then it wouldbe golden in NY

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