Because No One Else Posted New Years Posts

Okay, you caught me. So maybe every damn blogger on this planet posted a new years post.

Well it’s finally arrived. 2009 is here. No longer will I tell people it’s 2009 when it’s still mid 2008, now I will probably just be stuck thinking it’s 2010. Anyways, I am perfectly sane.

It looks like its that time again, time for a New Years Resolution. For this year I have decided that I’ll start eating healthier. That ended quickly. For this year I am going to try to be less shy, and make some real friends. I only have a few now, and none who know each other. Maybe I will also become a better person, and drink a little less. Who knows? I doubt I’ll be successful in any of these things.

Realistically after reading what I just typed I should actually have made my resolution to be less pessimistic. I just can’t help myself though.

Recent events in my life aren’t exactly getting any better, but I’m distancing myself from emotion which causes life to be easier to handle. After some time passes I may get better, even take down my concrete barrier between myself and the rest of humanity. I’ll admit that I am not well, but I will make it like I always have.

The coming year looks scary, as does the rest of the future. I have a little hope though still, it is not all lost, thanks to one person. No one knows what their future holds, not even just one year. My road ahead looks bumpy, but the destination appears well worth it.

2009, here I come.

-That One Person


3 Responses to “Because No One Else Posted New Years Posts”

  1. Hey, Er, I vow to be more amorous this year, but not to you. Ok?

    Thought you would be good with that.

  2. Yeah dude, you need to drink a bit less. haha.

  3. This is actually going ot be a scary year for me to! I actually have to grow up! I’m moving out, maybe getting a better job at a place that i want to work. and its just gonna be hard living in a house with 4 girls(including me) and 2 guys. though we only have to pay like 100 bucks a person each month. i dont have a good job so it will be kinda hard haha. but this year will be hard for eveyone i think jsut look at the bightside. Im here and im awesome and yo ucan tlk to me whenever you want to!

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