A Change Of Pace

There are going to be two changes here soon at That-One-Blog, the Internets most unread blog.

What will they be you ask? I’ll tell you.

Before this blog was going to be about some technology news, gaming, and other things. Well that is going to change. This blogs purpose is going to be switching to giving people a view into my life, as well as letting the world know my thoughts on certain things. I know that by doing this I may deter some of my most loyal readers, but I think I’ll manage without them.

Okay that was a joke. I don’t have loyal readers.

The other big change is that I am going to start to post everyday. Give everyone the day by day rundown of what is going on, things I learn from life, stuff like that. Posting once every week was never my intention but the two weeks before Christmas were Hell. Between the “holiday season” depressing me and having to work almost everyday, I had no time to post.

I’m back. Rejoice.

-That One Person


2 Responses to “A Change Of Pace”

  1. I always read when you post something 😀

  2. you do have loyal readers im one of them and i would love to hear more about yourself.

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