Do you often pay with a check?

To quote my favorite narrator of one of my favorite films, A Clockwork Orange

“Ahhggggg! No. No. Stop it. Stop it. Please I beg of you. It’s a sin. It’s a sin. It’s a sin. It’s a sin. It’s a sin. It’s a sin.”

Seriously, working in a retail store this has to be one of my largest annoyances. It is possibly the worst way to pay. Not only is it time consuming but it also makes the other customers behind you in line angry at myself, not only you.

I have heard some of the silly excuses for paying with a check, but none of them make any real sense.

  1. I like to have a record of how much I am spending and at where.
  2. People will steal my credit card information from me using it in your machine.
  3. It’s more secure and safe.

Now let me go over these points and explain to you why they are so absurd.

  1. You still have the ability to have an account booklet when you pay with a debit card. Just because you are paying with a check doesn’t make it magically easier. You still can write down how much you spent, and you still get a reciept with how much you spent.
  2. It is damn near impossible to steal that information from the card just going through our system. It goes from our computer to the bank. This is just an outrageous fear of the elderly in our society.
  3. More secure and safe? Hardly. Our copy of the receipt when you pay with a debit card lists only your last four digits of your credit card number. When you give us a check, we then have to write all the check information down on the deposit slip at night. Then this information is available to us and whoever at the bank handles the deposit slip and your check.

Now you can see that there appears to be no real benefit when paying with a check. It takes up more of my time while ringing you out, more of the other customers time behind you, and more of our time filling out the deposit at night.

I understand that some of you want to pay your bills this way and mail the checks for this purpose. That is totally fine and is unrelated to what I am talking about. By all means, pay your bills with a check.

This is an archaic form of payment, and I rarely have anyone under the age of seventy pay with one. If you do pay with one, please do everyone else a favor, go to the bank and get a debit card for your bank account. It is free, secure, and quick.

If, however, you feel that this is truly the superior way to pay in a store… then please leave a comment and let me hear your reason. I am always willing to hear from you.

-That One Person


3 Responses to “Do you often pay with a check?”

  1. All hail That One Person, Hater of Society!

  2. Well, Al, I have to say that I DISAGREE! In fact, I am a VERY disagreeable person – a serial contrarian, if you care.

    I like my Checks. I also like Poles and Serbs. When paying with a Serb though, I have to say that sometimes the bargaining process does slow down a little because of that whole conversion rate issue – you know the one.

    Anyway, Bert, I just think you can’t take these people too seriously. It’s not like they’re paying with CANADIANS! Sheesh!

  3. OMFG i know checks are so fucking annoying and i only get like ppl over 40 paying with them i dont wanna say i only get old people becasue ive had a few youngs ones is soo fuckign annoying its takes the same amount of time as credit just fucking use your credit card/debit card! WTF!

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