Calling all other PS3 gamers!

Want to play some games? Here’s some of my favorite online ones for example:

  • Warhawk
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Call of Duty 4

Or any other online game on the PS3. If I don’t have it, recommend it, maybe I’ll go rent or buy it. My PlayStation Network ID is That-One-Gamer, so if you want to play some games just let me know. I can never have too many people to dominate. 

-That One Person


9 Responses to “Calling all other PS3 gamers!”

  1. I have been playing Metal Gear Online (Its a sub game in MGS4:GotP) It has its issues (latency, glitchers) but it is still a decent time. Also today I am getting Shaun White Snowboarding, which has good online potential.

    Other then that i just played Madden online, which was… meh.

  2. That-One-Person Says:

    Fun fun. I have yet to get a chance to play MG:Online, although I am hoping to sometime in the future. Perhaps I’ll rent it Wednesday when I bring back Dead Space.

    As for Madden, I haven’t played this years one yet at all. Sports games can be a little bit of fun, but they are at the bottom of the list for me. I much prefer FPS and RPG’s.

  3. Dead Space is so fun. I am about half way through.

    Played Fallout 3 yet? FPS RPG hybrid… no real online :/

  4. That-One-Person Says:

    Yeah. Fallout 3 is intense. I love pretty much everything put out by Bethesda. Oblivion was my least favorite though, ever played that? Everything in the game leveled with you, presenting no real challenge.

    Which difficulty you playing Dead Space on? Going for the “one-gun” trophy? I did, it was madness. Only being able to use the plasma cutter through the whole game, lol.

    Feel free to add me on the PSN by the way.

  5. n3rd.

    Katamari fo’sho.

  6. I am playing medium and yes i am one gunning it. ran outta ammo vrs the last boss i fought.

    I haven’t played Oblivion actually. So many ppl i know adore it though.

    My PSN is SlaSh1833, Ill add you when im online next. I am pumped because i am getting good internet at home finally.

  7. That-One-Person Says:

    Accepted your friend request on PSN.

    Ever played Little Big Planet? I just finished the game a few moments ago. Third to last level nearly gave me a nervous breakdown it was so hard, haha.

    I don’t not-love Oblivion, I just like it less than it’s predecessor, Morrowind.

  8. I have played LBP. Not a lot though, made a astage with my buddy. Ill get to it.. i think.

    Ill probably play FO3 during my break (a couple weeks) and til then ill just play SF2 HD Remix and MGo.

  9. I dont have a PS3 but i have a WII! its my dads hes a HUGEEE NES fan. lol

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